Pimp My Crumpet! The Professionals

Pimp My Crumpet! The Professionals

You'll have noticed that crumpets are increasingly featuring on restaurant menus and we decided it was about time that we did some showcasing! 

The Cornerstone

The Cornerstone restaurant in East London has been getting rave reviews for its potted shrimp crumpets - and they've been kind enough to share there recipe with us.Recipes/Potted Shrimp Crumpets

Dirty Bones

We also like the look of these short-rib beef crumpets. Dirty Bones, based in central London, didn't want to divulge the recipe, but were very nice about it.


And what about this for imagination: a lobster crumpet with kumquat and chilli sauce! Rovi, another Central London establishment, also wanted to keep their recipe under wraps but seem like fine people.


The rest of the country / world

We made enquiries to a few other restaurants in the UK but as yet have received no response. We'll give them a final chance before exacting terrible revenge. If you come across anything interesting, please let us know, whether in the UK or elsewhere.