The world is full of crumpet lovers...


Winston Churchill

Glorious British leader, saviour of the free world and inspiration to new-born babies everywhere. Almost certainly enjoyed a crumpet with his brandy.

David Mitchell

Critically acclaimed and best-selling British author, David's favourite crumpet topping is "spread". This is actually true, as the crumpetman team asked him at a book launch.

Davina McCall

TV legend and fitness icon, Davina recently explained one of the keys to her superbod to Now Magazine: Breakfast is two crumpets with butter and honey! So keeping in trim doesn't need to be traumatic!

Dizzee Rascal

Yes of course we have nothing to support this contention, but we bet Dizzee loves crumpets as much as the next man. Crumpets wiv da man dem?

Gerald, the Gorilla

Star of the famous Not The Nine O'Clock News sketch, Gerald is asked whether he has a mate. He talks through his various friends, before understanding that Pamela Stephenson is asking about crumpet. Wild, I was livid!

Her Late Majesty, The Queen

Revered monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, loved and cherished by all her subjects, and very sorely missed. Not a matter of public record, but you can perfectly imagine Her Late Majesty having enjoyed a crumpet or two on her rare evenings off.

Maxine Peake

Renowned actress Maxine is a proper crumpet fan! She described a typical meal round her house on the Graham Norton Show recently. Crumpets with a savoury topping for the main course, crumpets with a sweet topping for afters. National treasure in the making!


Comedy genius and definitive English bounder. One would imagine that he enjoyed his crumpets with hard cheese, old boy!