Crumpet nutrition

Crumpets: the new SUPERFOOD!

Crumpets are good for you!

Lifting from the "Our" NHS website:

"the 'carbs are bad' mantra from Dr Atkins and co has left many people confused about carbohydrates and their importance for your health, including maintaining a healthy weight."

They go on to talk about all sorts of other things. The unwritten upshot is:

  • Crumpets don’t give you bad breath
  • Crumpets don’t make you flatulent
  • People who eat a lot of crumpets have more friends than those who eat a lot of kale
  • Crumpets are very low fat

The lightest way to enjoy flour!

bad bread

Crumpets are the lowest calorie option in the morning goods section, and have by far the lowest fat content. We’re not sure whether today’s advice is that this is a good or bad thing, but if fat is currently good, throw another nob of butter on!

Fat-Free Zone! (nearly)

crumpet carbs

The truth is that most of the standard carb accompaniments have lower calorie content. But we’re not talking kebabs here – crumpets really work as part of a balanced diet.

And some of us have places to go, people to see!

crumpet car options

If God didn’t want us to eat salt, He wouldn’t have covered 70% of the Earth with sea

Like most processed food, shop-bought crumpets will tend to have quite a lot of salt.

But they're delicious!

If you make your own crumpets, you can obviously decide how much salt to put in.


And there's simply no food waste

So there's no further need for Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall!

Crumpets keep perfectly in the freezer, so stick them in as soon as you get them home.

If you wrap the middle crumpet on each side of the packet in clingfilm before freezing, it makes it easier to take them out individually.

Always defrost before cooking, unless you want a soggy surprise.