We've worked out how to blog!

Crumpets are often in the news - but all too often with reference to some small-time bakery, a P.G.Wodehouse book or an Aussie rock band. We'll be rooting through the detritus and bringing you things you really need to know!

It's not big and it's not clever

You may have missed the BBC's Saturday Morning Kitchen's crumpets with duck hearts, which caused a flurry of revulsion on social media. Those Michelin men have a lot to answer for.


Frosty reception for Iceland ad


We also had a legal spat between Iceland and M&S, with Iceland claiming (falsely, accordingly to the ASA) that customers preferred its crumpets. All publicity is good publicity, as they say - at least we now know that Iceland have a crumpet offering, something that wasn't evident when we did last year's taste tests.


Prince Harry loves his crumpet!


And we discovered that Prince Harry loves his crumpets, and that his favourite topping is Marmite! Good job he doesn't live in Denmark!



20 Feb 2018