An even wider world of crumpet fans!

An even wider world of crumpet fans!

Since our last Statsfest back in February, interest in Crumpetman has spread even further, with the country* count now standing at well over 100! We're delighted to be welcoming the likes of Kyrgyzstan, Vanuatu and Democratic Republic of Congo as friends of the site!

The Top 10

No changes in the top three, but our good friends in The Netherlands have propelled their position in the rankings from just outside the Top 10 last time to fourth spot, and the Aussies have also seen a big surge. Needless to say, we'll be prioritising recipes featuring sprinkles and barbecued shrimp as a result.

The list in full

No less than 45 new countries added to the visitor list since February!


* We know that a handful of the territories on the list are not technically countries, but this is how the location of visitors is categorised by our website tool.

28 Oct 2018